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"RockyBooks is formed by 2 authors with an innovative vision of the future of books, and an eternal passion for the art of rock and literature. Our goal is to create literature for rock fans to share this wonderful musical category with their children in a fun and educational way.

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Geraldine García Collins

Geraldine wanted to share her passion for rock music with her daughters, and began writing short stories with references to rock bands and their songs. Seeing that her daughters loved this type of genre, and that when they listened to their songs on the radio they laughed and smiled, she ended up publishing her book, Axl and the Magic Garden, based on her favorite band Guns n' Roses, creating an innovative way to introduce rock to children.

Namibia Coronado

Namibia is inspired by the essence of things, especially the essence of flowers and plants. She observes, understands and shapes them with a unique strength and personality. In addition, she never stops researching to achieve new textures that surprise the viewer. When asked if she is using watercolor or digital, she simply smiles and does not answer

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